who we are

Although Naman Associates is a recent name in the real estate world, it is fast growing to become one of the leading names of this sector in the holy town of Deoghar. With the vision and dynamism of our founders, we have been making remarkable strides ever since our inception. We follow a set of principles, inspired by our corporate philosophy. These are insights that guide and direct us to realize our vision with every task we undertake.

Naman Associates is in an active growth mode. We remain committed to our values which have helped us grow in the very short time of our existence. We promise to create spaces that are great on aesthetics, quality, utility and value. We understand your aspiration for a quality lifestyle, and thus we go on to make your dream acquisition a reality.

It is our tradition to build the future.


Our mission is to provide modern and futuristic residential and commercial opportunities to those who are looking to best utilize their hard earned money.


We want to strengthen and enhance customer confidence. We endeavor to ensure each project measures up to the area’s growing and changing needs. After all, every prospective customer is our partner in progress.


For us, quality is our primary focus. We constantly strive to maintain total quality principles and adopt them in the selection of material; implementation of the project and even after the project is over.